Playground Dedication

On Thursday, September 14, 2023, the Mt. Healthy City School District gathered with immense joy and pride to dedicate the newly renovated playground at the Mt. Healthy Early Learning Center. The event highlighted the power of community, unity, and the enduring spirit of giving back.

The ceremony commenced with the heartfelt words of ELC Principal Jayne Sayers-Goedde, who spoke passionately about the significance of the playground for the students. Principal Sayers-Goedde emphasized the role it plays in nurturing young minds, fostering growth, and providing a space for boundless imagination.

Following her inspiring address, the stage was set for a heartfelt conversation with key partners in this venture, Ron Riedy, Sarah Evans, and Amber Flannery of the Kenny Kiffmeyer Foundation and Eric Schmidt, CEO of Playground Equipment Services (PES). Both shared their deep commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of students and the community as a whole.

Ron Riedy, on behalf of the Kenny Kiffmeyer Foundation, underscored the importance of philanthropy as a tribute to the late Kenny Kiffmeyer. His words echoed the essence of giving back to a community that holds a special place in their hearts.

Eric Schmidt, representing PES, expressed immense pride in their contribution to the school district. He conveyed his enthusiasm for providing state-of-the-art equipment that enhances the educational experience of Mt. Healthy students.

The dedication ceremony also included touching tributes to the memory of Lori Moore, a beloved figure within the Mt. Healthy community. Susan Williams, Maggie Hoskins, and Doug Moore shared heartfelt memories of Lori, emphasizing her unwavering love for the school, her students, and her colleagues. They reflected on how much Lori would have cherished this dedication, as she spent countless hours watching students at recess throughout her career. The Knights of Columbus made a significant contribution with a bike set similar to the one Lori loved at Rex Ralph.

In a poignant gesture, Missy Horn-Holland generously donated books that the district will memorialize with placards in Lori's remembrance.

The students in attendance displayed remarkable behavior during the ceremony and were rewarded with immediate access to the newly dedicated playground. Principal Jayne Sayers-Goedde concluded the dedication with an inspiring message to the young Owls: "Finally, to my little Owls, you have been awesome...I want you to know that you are worthy, you are worthy of a high quality education, you are worthy of dreaming and reaching your highest potential, and you are worthy of gaining the foundation for lifelong learning. With that, I officially dedicate this playground to the students of the Mt. Healthy Early Learning Center. May it be a source of joy, growth, and inspiration. Little Owls, go play!

The playground dedication ceremony was a success, made possible by the unwavering support and collaboration of the Kenny Kiffmeyer Foundation, Playground Equipment Services, Knights of Columbus, family and friends of Lori Moore, Mt. Healthy CSD staff, students, and the entire Mt. Healthy community. A special thank you to Lori Daniels for orchestrating the events that led to this idea, involving key stakeholders, and coordinating the event.

This initiative showcases the district's commitment to providing a nurturing and inspiring environment for its students, and the values of unity, generosity, and the enduring spirit of the Mt. Healthy City School District.

About the Kenny Kiffmeyer Foundation: The Kenny Kiffmeyer Foundation is an organization established to provide support to Mt. Healthy alumni and community members during times of need. Their commitment to the betterment of our community shines brightly through their contributions.

About Playground Equipment Services (PES): Playground Equipment Services is a comprehensive, in-house playground and athletic turf company specializing in sales, design, site development, installation, safety surfaces, and site amenities. Their dedication to creating safe and enjoyable play spaces aligns perfectly with the vision of the Mt. Healthy Early Learning Center.

If you missed the event, you can still watch it via our YouTube Channel. We have created a playlist of each speaker during the event: