flexible furniture

We're excited to share a fantastic update about our classrooms! Thanks to the incredible efforts of Jana Wolfe and a dedicated team of teachers, we've introduced flexible furniture to enhance collaborative learning experiences.

In four classrooms, students are now engaging with flexible seating options, designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and comfort. High School's Miranda Pikaart, Middle School's Brooke Wilson, South Elementary's Judi Nortman, and North Elementary's Lori Partin are the pioneers of this exciting change.

Lori Partin, a North Elementary teacher, shares her experience: "The flexible seating options have allowed my students to continue working while getting all their 'wiggles' out. They are able to concentrate for longer periods of time."

Brooke Wilson, from the Middle School, adds, "Students feel like they have their own space while in a collaborative setting. Many mentioned that they really liked the furniture and it felt more 'home-like' than a typical classroom."

We're committed to providing the best environment for our students to thrive. Our flexible furniture not only promotes active learning but also creates an atmosphere of belonging and innovation.

Thank you to everyone involved in making this positive change possible.