Meet David Kauffman

Introducing David Kauffman, our incredible music educator at South Elementary! His passion for music has inspired countless students, and we couldn't be more grateful to have him! David's passion for music began in 4th grade when he started playing the saxophone. Since then, he's been on a mission to create a powerful impact on young minds through the wonders of music!

David never stops improving and adding to his teaching toolbox! He's completed Orff training and is part of the Greater Cincinnati Chapter of the American Orff-Schulwerk Association, constantly discovering new ways to enhance our music education!

David's class lessons are engaging as he makes learning music a playful and enjoyable experience for our students. Starting with fun folk songs that teach the basics, he then infuses popular music from different genres, making it relatable and exciting for our kids!

Thanks to David's dedication, the South Sonic Society continues to grow and enjoy success as a fun and educational before-school group! They've had concerts, including the famous "Selfies with Santa" where they joined with the Cedarville University Jazz Band, creating memories for everyone!

David has started a tradition that brings parents closer to the student music programs! At the end of each concert, families join students to play a song together, participating in the joyous moments their kids experience in music class.

We asked Mr. Kauffman about any memories that he could share. One remarkable moment stands out for David – when his South Sonic Society flawlessly transposed a song during a concert! Their talent and knowledge were on full display, leaving everyone impressed.

David's dream is to equip every student with enough musical knowledge to succeed in any musical endeavor! He envisions the students of South becoming renowned musicians throughout Cincinnati!

Join us in celebrating our music maestro, David Kauffman!