Mt. Healthy students and Miami University

Recently, the Educators Rising program at Mt. Healthy City Schools organized a field trip to Miami University. The students had the opportunity to meet and interact with professors, students, and staff at the university, take a tour of the campus, and enjoy lunch together.

The educators rising program aims to encourage and prepare high school students who are interested in pursuing a career in education. This field trip was an excellent opportunity for them to explore the various options available and learn more about the profession they are interested in.

Brandi Brooks and Cheryl Wilson, the senior and junior high advisors respectively, organized the trip and accompanied the students. During the field trip, the students had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Bryan and Dr. Schwartz from Miami University. They had insightful conversations with them, learning more about the educational programs and career opportunities available at the university.

In addition to meeting with professors, the students also interacted with current students at the university, learning more about campus life and the college experience. This was an excellent opportunity for them to gain a deeper understanding of what college life is like and what it takes to succeed in higher education.