Flyer for Professional Development

We are thrilled to share some positive news about the teachers at Mt. Healthy City Schools who recently participated in professional development. The school district provided a variety of professional development options to the teachers, and they eagerly took advantage of the opportunity to learn and grow in their profession.

Some of the professional development options included CPR training to become certified, math proficiency scale development, culturally responsive teaching, keys to literacy, a trauma session, and academic integrity. Although this is just a sampling of the different professional development opportunities that were made available, the diversity of the options provided the teachers with the opportunity to choose the area they wanted to focus on and develop their skills.

The CPR training provided the teachers with the skills and knowledge to respond to emergency situations and potentially save a life. The math proficiency scale development and keys to literacy sessions focused on effective teaching strategies to improve student learning and performance. The culturally responsive session aimed to help teachers create a more inclusive classroom by recognizing and valuing the diverse backgrounds and experiences of their students. The trauma session aimed to help teachers better understand how trauma impacts students and how they can support students who have experienced trauma.

Finally, the academic integrity session provided the teachers with the tools to promote academic honesty and integrity in the classroom, which is critical for creating a culture of trust and respect in a world with advancing AI technology. The dedication of the teachers at Mt. Healthy City Schools to continuous learning and professional development is admirable. By participating in these sessions, they continue to demonstrate their commitment to providing the best possible education to their students.

We are confident that the knowledge and skills gained through these professional development opportunities will positively impact student learning and achievement, and we look forward to seeing the positive outcomes of this investment in teacher development. Congratulations to the teachers at Mt. Healthy City Schools for taking the initiative to improve their skills and abilities.