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Principal's Message

February 2019

South Owls Community:

It is such an honor to serve as the Lead Principal at South Elementary.  We made significant academic gains during the 2017-18 school year.  In 2018-19 we have much to celebrate!  The Ohio Department of Education has rewarded us with the “Independent” status per the ODE state accountability system.  We are excited to share that our students have demonstrated academic reading and math progress. This progress increased our Performance Index as the highest in the district on the state report card. South is on the upward trajectory in meeting the state achievement goals in reading and math performance.  Congratulations to our caring, dedicated staff and administrators.  In addition, we want to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to our supportive parents.


Our work moving forward is to provide students with needed resources to improve their literacy skills.  Mt. Healthy City Schools has been awarded the “Striving Readers Literacy Grant” and South has been awarded the “School Improvement Grant”.  The funding from the grants will be used to provide resources to our students and teachers to support them in improving student achievement and character building.  Our Owls will continue to soar through wise guidance by implementing research base best practices, to get us to our destiny.


South has just jumped started our Afterschool Enrichment Program which is facilitated by our School Community Resource Coordinator, Ms. Lois Chaney-Smith.  We have a host of afterschool clubs and services:

  • Tutoring, Cooking Club, Chorus, Art Club, Sports Club, Basketball, Girls on the Run, STEM- 3D Printing Club, Science Club, Girls Club, Talent Show Club, Extraordinary People Mentorship Club, EL Homework Club
  •         If your child is interested in joining a club please contact Ms. Lois Chaney-Smith.


It is our schoolwide goal to continue to strengthen and reinforce our Positive Behavior Intervention Supports, PBIS, program with a strong focus on “KINDNESS”.  We are continuing building a schoolwide community of demonstrating our PBIS expectations:


  •            I AM Safe               I AM KIND                  I AM RESPONSIBLE             I AM SOUTH ELEMENTARY


South Elementary is on the move and we are determined to achieve what is possible:  increasing student achievement in reading and math, creating and maintaining a safe environment through PBIS, and engaging our parents and community as resourceful partners to make a difference in the lives of our awesome students.  These goals are in alignment with the district’s strategic plan, Education Destination.


2018-19 Mantra:  TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK…We Are Greater Together!


WE NEED YOU:  Our Parent Teacher Organization is looking for more parents to volunteer in helping with school events and fundraising projects.  Please contact our school to get involved in PTO.


Thank you for supporting the South Owls Community…the Best is Yet to Come!



Yzvetta L. Macon, Principal


January 2018

Dear South School Community:

     We are excited to share our Reboot Energize for Success Plan as we have moved into the new year 2018.  We have put the additional resources in place that we received from the School Improvement Grant of $170,000 for the Department of Education.  We have identified the following need for our students by analyzing student achievement data, staff and parent/community input, and, most importantly, student feedback:


  •  Increased instructional academic intervention support
  • Anti-Bullying Staff Training & Student Support
  • Student Extra-Curricular Enrichment Activities
  • School Community Health & Wellness Activities
  • Staff Instructional Professional Development in Literacy (Orton Gillinham Instructional Practices using Sonday System)


South’s Reboot Energize for Success Plan


  • Increase student achievement in reading & math to improve student academic growth by 1 year growth
  • Meet a literacy indicator of 80% proficient or higher in a grade level from 3rd – 6th grade on the state report card.
  • 100% of 3rd graders promoted to 4th grade by meeting the State’s 3rd grade guarantee requirement
  • Close achievement gaps in reading & math grades 3rd – 6th
  •  Increase parent/community involvement by 20%
  • Decrease out-of-school suspensions by 10%


Plan of Action:

  •       Hire & assign certified teacher tutors in reading and math to grades Kdg – 6th
  •        Hire a Community School Resource Coordinator
  •        Teachers will weekly track student reading and math achievement by implementing short cycle assessments utilizing the PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Action) process
  •        Hire and provide extra-curricular activities & health/wellness activities
  •        Strategically implement and track PBIS plan by utilizing data to improve school safety, and create a positive school environment


School Improvement Grant, Certified teachers & tutors, 1-1 Chromebooks 3rd - 6th grade, School Community Resource Coordinator, Sonday Systems, PBIS Plan



Weekly tracking of instructional practices and student academic success during Teacher Based Team meetings facilitated by Administrators.



August 2017


Dear South Parents/Students:

It is my pleasure and honor to join the Mt. Healthy South Elementary Team! I am a proud graduate of Mt. Healthy City Schools and I am excited to be the Principal in my home school district. I am thrilled to announce we have a new Administrative staff who will be an excellent asset to South Elementary. We have been busy these last few weeks hiring new teachers who are passionate about working with our students and who love teaching. The PTO and the staff is planning a grand celebration to welcome our awesome students back to school. We are looking forward to an energized, exciting and fun school year for our children with the strong focus on student achievement. We are expecting our students to be ready to work hard and give their best everyday starting day 1, Thursday, August 17th the first day of school.

We are prepared to welcome every student to South with open arms, to a positive and nurturing environment which sets the tone for standard base teaching and engaged learning for teachers and students in a safe place every day!

We will implement this school year the Positive School Intervention and Supports (PBIS) program that creates a positive, safe and thriving school environment. Staff will be the role models and will teach daily our schoolwide expectations. Students will have many opportunities to earn rewards, and understand self-control under the PBIS program. Therefore, it will be understood by all stakeholders that teaching and learning in a safe school environment is our priority at SOUTH!

We are excited to announce we will offer an extra-curricular afterschool program that will include many clubs and sporting activities. We need parents to volunteer and support our afterschool programming. Please look for information in the future about volunteer opportunities to support our students.

I look forward to meeting everyone at the Welcome Back to School Carnival on Tuesday, August 15th 4pm – 7pm and on the first day of school, Thursday, August 17th!

Please memorize our schoolwide expectations as we get ready for a most successful school year at SOUTH!



Sincere HOOT-HOOT,


Yzvetta L. Macon, Principal