Mt. Healthy City School District Encourages Girls to “Know Your Worth”

Mt. Healthy City School District wants the district’s young ladies and girls to become confident, empowered women. As part of this development, district leaders brought aboard Know Your Worth Organization and Program founder, Michelle Henderson. The Know Your Worth Organization and Programs teach the girls how to be more confident in themselves, self-esteem skills, determination, how to see the beauty within themselves, how to walk away from drama, the importance of education, and respecting themselves and others around them. Currently, Henderson is working with 4th through 6th grade girls at South Elementary School on Saturday mornings. However, looking forward to next school year, she will be expanding to junior high and high school ladies through different programs that will be offered after school and during the school day. “The young ladies participating in the program have shown great improvement in their attitude, confidence, and peer mediation skills,” explained Ms. Brittany Mamphey, South Elementary Dean of Students. 


Henderson developed this program for young ladies based on her own life experiences. She now uses those experiences to help both grown women and young ladies, even little girls find their purpose and develop into beautiful lotus flowers. “The goal for Know Your Worth with the young ladies is to have an impact first on the way they think about themselves. I believe when you start to change your thinking process from negative to positive, it empowers you to help yourself then someone else,” stated Henderson.  “After going through the KYW program, you will see ladies that did not know their worth to Knowing the value that lives within, and it will show in their confidence, language, decision making, and lifestyle. I truly love seeing females change from being under the mud to fighting to rise through the mud and becoming those beautiful lotus flowers.”


Know Your Worth Creed

I am smart

I am AMazing

I am confident

I am beautiful inside and out

I will respect myself, my peers, and others

I know my WORTH!