South Elementary Art for Peace and Positivity

Art students at Mt. Healthy South Elementary were tasked to create art about peace and about staying positive during this time of remote learning and social distancing. Many of the students rose to the challenge and did a wonderful job. 

The sixth graders made Pinwheels for Peace to promote peaceful thoughts and actions.  They were asked to post the pinwheel where someone (neighbor, family, friends) could see it.   Fifth graders created stained glass windows using a symbol for peace after learning about the history of the different peace symbols. They chose one of the symbols to draw.  Fourth grade students  made positive pop art using a positive four letter word.  Third grade students drew and colored Peaceful Personality hands. They used words and symbols that made them feel good about themselves and then had to share it with someone. They could also cut it out and fold the fingers to make it a Victory Peace sign. “I begin each new school year with the Pinwheels for Peace Project celebrated on the International Day of Peace.  It has evolved into a unit where every grade level is challenged to think about how they can share kind images and words with others,” explained Stephanie Shiplett, Mt. Healthy South Art Teacher.  “The artwork created is usually hung throughout the school and displayed in the courtyard. This year we are working from home so we are focused on sharing our peaceful artworks with our family and close friends.” 

South students are truly showing how to be a peaceful light in the darkness.