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Volunteer Protocols

Volunteer Protocols
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South Elementary
Mt. Healthy City School District
Parent and Community Volunteer Protocols

South Elementary has designed and developed volunteer protocols aligned with Mt. Healthy City School District bylaws and policies.

Parent and Community Volunteers are expected to:

1. Abide by all Board policies and District guidelines while on duty as a volunteer. These include confidentiality of student information, coverage under the District’s liability policy, District release policy, and refusal for compensation as a District volunteer.
a. Volunteers will sign South Elementary confidentiality agreement
b. Volunteers will sign District release policy

2. Display appropriate behavior at all times and submit a set of fingerprints for a criminal records check. Fingerprints need to be submitted every five years. The criminal records check will be at the Board’s expense (per 3120.09 of Board policy.) Per district policy, if a criminal records check indicates that a volunteer has been convicted of or pleaded guilty to any offenses listed in the district policy and/or described in R.C. 109.572(A)(1), the volunteer will be informed either that South Elementary is no longer interested in maintaining his/her volunteer service or that the volunteer will be assigned to duties for which s/he will not work unsupervised with children. If a volunteer has been convicted of or pleaded guilty to one of the above mentioned offenses, please notify the school within one week.

Fingerprinting Not Mandatory
• Field trips
• Classroom parties
• Working with students inside the classroom
• Assisting with copies, cutting, laminating (in teacher workroom or classroom)
• Assisting office staff
• Assisting teacher inside the classroom where teacher is present (same room)

Fingerprinting Mandatory
• Mentoring
• Working with student one-on-one in the hallway or another area unsupervised by school staff
• “Regular” volunteer at school (volunteering in building one or more times weekly)

3. Check in prior to each volunteer session and obtain necessary identification from the school office and/or Parent Resource Center.

4. Pre-visit training, school tour, and/or orientation prior to the first visit. South Elementary also strives to provide on-going training, dialogue, and support for parent and community volunteers.

5. Volunteers are welcome to eat lunch in the teacher workrooms on each floor or with their child in the cafeteria. The staff and volunteer lunch break is 30 minutes.
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