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Volunteer/Involvement Policy

Volunteer/Involvement Policy
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South Elementary
Mt. Healthy School District
Parent and Community Involvement and Volunteer Policy

South Elementary believes that each parent and family member serves as their child’s first teacher and decision-maker in education. South Elementary believes that student learning is more likely to occur when there is an effective partnership between the school, student’s parents and family, and the community. Such partnerships encourage great involvement of parents and the community in each child’s education, which generally results in higher academic achievement, improved student behavior and engagement, and reduced absenteeism.

In accordance with statute and the State Board of Education of Ohio’s Parent and Family Involvement Policy, this policy (adapted from FCFC) uses the term “families” in order to include children’s primary caregivers who are not their biological parents, such as foster caregivers, grandparents, and other family members.

To encourage partnerships with families and communities, South Elementary is committed to the following actions:

Welcome Family and Community Members into the School Community
1. Promote welcoming, supportive, and student-centered schools.
2. Provide professional development for school staff that helps build partnerships between families and schools.
3. Offer activities that relate to students, parents, families, and the community.

Offer Parent Support
1. Establish a shared approach to child guidance and discipline.
2. Provide information to families to support the proper health, safety, and well-being of their children.
3. Provide information and opportunities for families to be involved in monitoring student progress.

Communicate Effectively
1. Provide information to families about school policies, procedures, programs, and activities.
2. Promote regular and open communication between school, families, and the community.
3. Provide opportunities for families to be involved in meaningful discussion and meetings with school staff concerning, but not limited to, academics, social growth, and behavior.

Offer Volunteer Opportunities
1. Provide volunteer opportunities for families and community members to support students.
2. Support other needs, such as meals and child care, to enable families to participate in school-sponsored family involvement activities.

Collaborate with the Community
1. Build partnerships and connect families with community-based programs and other resources, such as mentors.
2. Coordinate and integrate family involvement programs and activities with district initiatives and community-based programs that encourage and support families’ participation in their children’s education, growth, and development.

South Elementary will work together with families, community, and the Mt. Healthy City School District on a comprehensive plan for engaging families in partnerships supporting their students’ academic achievement, social growth, and overall well-being. South Elementary, together with staff, families, and community members will annually review the content and effectiveness of the plan, identify barriers and/or concerns, and work to continuously adapt and improve parent, family, and community involvement.
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